Three New French Comedy Films Worth Watching

My Dog Stupid / Mon chien Stupide (2019)

This movie is aimed at those who want to make some time for self-reflection. The subtle philosophical comedy film directed by Yvan Attal raises many questions but does not answer some of them. You must draw your own conclusions.

The main character of the story is a 55 year old writer Henri Mohen who is going through a severe creative crisis. 25 years ago, his novel received critical acclaim from readers and critics, but he has been “writing shit” ever since.

In addition, he has difficult relationships with his family. His is constantly annoyed with his wife and children and in fear of getting older. Henri seems deeply unhappy. However, he finds a friend and savior — an enormous homeless mastiff that sneaks into their house. They decide to call the dog “Stupid”. This restless animal helps Henri to change his life for the better.

Docteur? (2019)

Emergency doctor Serge Mamou-Mani is forced to travel around Paris on Christmas Eve. He is the only paramedic available while his colleagues are enjoying the holiday with their families.

Courier Malek Aknoun is also busy working. He delivers food on a rented bike. The two characters meet each other by accident and their first meeting does not go off too smoothly. However, they make a great team eventually.

Le lion (2020)

This wonderful comedy film combines simple yet hilarious jokes with touching and dramatic moments. It definitely worth watching!

This light and dynamic comedy features Dany Boon who thinks that he is a special agent. In fact, he is a psychiatric hospital patient who calls himself Agent Leo.

When someone kidnaps his psychiatrist’s fiancee,he has a unique chance to prove that he is indeed a French colleague of James Bond. Agent Leo becomes the only hope for the desperate doctor.

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