Doubles of celebrities. Sometimes it’s impossible to guess who is who

Angelina Jolie and Veronika Black

Many fans of Angelina Jolie dream of the same appearance as the actress. Veronika Black was lucky – she looks incredibly like a star. Interestingly, this Canadian woman did not even realize her resemblance to a well-known celebrity until people who were shopping at the store where she worked began to notice it.

Leonardo DiCaprio and the Russian policeman

As surprising as it may seem, Leo’s “double” was found in Russia. The police officer, whose name remains a mystery, has the same blue eyes, the same nose shape, and even a similar beard. The only big difference is their hair and, of course, their weight.

Colin Farrell and James Martin

James seems to be more like Colin than he is. He decided not to pass up his chance and began to use his resemblance to an actor during photo shoots, performing at parties and at events where he pretends to be an actor and greets guests.

George Clooney and Guillermo Zapata

“Clone” of George Clooney, one of the men loved by many women, runs his restaurant and bar, works as an actor and model.

Jennifer Lopez and Janice Garay

Janice is an avid bodybuilder and she had no idea she looked like J.Lo until people on the internet started discussing her resemblance. She admitted that she is a fan of Jennifer’s and would like to meet her in real life.

Gigi Hadid and Iza Ijzerman

Model and the girl who likes to write, blogger Iza finally realized that she does look like Gigi when her modeling agency MiLK posted a photo of her, calling her “The New Gigi Hadid.”

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