How were the stunts filmed in Home Alone?

Home Alone is a family comedy, but some of the stunts took a lot of effort. The director noted that filming some of the episodes was not fun at all: “We watched – and I just prayed that the guys would stay alive.”

In real life, the bandits would have little chance of surviving after meeting Kevin McCallister. For example, an iron that fell in one of the scenes directly on Marv’s face, most likely, would have broken the lower wall of his eye sockets. As a result – a disfigured face and visual impairment. Harry could lose his arm altogether because of a short touch on the red-hot doorknob: if the handle glows in the dark, it means that it has warmed up to 751 ° F, while a second contact with water at 155 ° F already causes third-degree burns.

After prolonged contact with a blowtorch in the episode, when Harry enters the house through the back door, his skin and skull should have been damaged enough to require a bone transplant in life.

Naturally, to achieve the comic effect of traumatizing the villains, the film crew had to resort to a lot of tricks. For example, in the scene with Marw falling on an icy staircase, the filmmakers deceived the audience a little. The directors took a piece of plywood, put it on top of the stairs, and painted steps on it. This allowed the actor to throw his legs high, fall on his back and fly out of frame.

The team had to come up with a lot of sound effects that would complement the picture. So, at the moment the body falls to the ground, the sound of falling frozen roast beef is heard in the frame. And instead of the sound of burning flesh, you hear chicken skin roasting.

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